mobile is killing web experience of the normal web

Did you notice, that more and more websites don't use the full screen width anymore? Its so annoying, i have a big wide-screen monitor, but more and more websites have more empty space on the sides than actual content. Blogs are one kind of sites, but they are the only site type where i accept this, because it is increasing the reading experience.

But there are for example big sites, which consists of many sub parts. And to anticipate, i don't want to bookmark every of this sub parts i'm interested in. If they really want to have such a small design, they should at least make an very usable navigation like e.g. the prototype for

But now coming to the site/tool, which causes me to write this blog article. It's the collusion tool from

To explain a bit, what it does. It shows tracking connections between websites you surf. You can see a demo on their site. And as you see, every Domain is showed as a node with all its connections to other nodes. You even can drag the nodes over the screen. Or at least, over a part of it. After some minutes of surfing in the web i had a big collection of nodes. But lets see, i only can use 600px of my screen width. Should this be a joke? A visualization tool which uses way less than a third of my screen? Should this be, what the mobile web is doing to us? Writing Firefox Plugins which restrict themselves to mobile guidelines?