Why Twitter implemented Hashtags and what we can learn from it for G+

Many people on G+ have the need for tagging and grouping their posts. If we want to get them added to G+ we should probably have a look why twitter added them. Why Twitter? Because they did not add them intentionally, they kind of resulted out of the possibility to search twitter and the need for grouping tweets. The source of the Twitter Hashtag seems to lie in this blog post.

Now we have one big difference. G+ does not have a search for Posts till now. But it would not be Google, if they don't provide one. So we should not care about this now.

So, which are the most wished Features?

  • normal tags
  • show by language

Normal tags could be used like in witter. Simple adding #tag. Add the used language could be a little bit harder, but i think we can extend the Hashtag to reach our needs for now. #lang:en


As prognosed G+ got its search and together with it the tag feature. Because of the rendering, language tags have the form of #lang-en, because the ":" does break the rendering for the following signs.