Magento - Why goodwill is not enough

Since the MeetMagento in New York everyone again discuss about the Community, the role of the company behind Magento, how they should do more for the Community and so on. A lot of words, partly initiated from persons who want to defend their leading positions in the area of paid Modules, Hosting or similar Magento related business. Then spread by a lot of frustrated community members who have barely knowledge what it means to lead an (open) Software Project/Product.

And when we talk about community, most people only include the english speaking and experienced magento developers.

Lets take for example
A bit of story before. A while ago the Magento Forum got made read only because of spam issues till the new platform to replace the forum is finished. As a temporary replacement they linked to the magento Stackexchange, which is clearly intended to any Questions about Magento.

Reaction of the new mass of low quality questions was a massive deleting front. On the one side this is a clear positive for Stackexchange, as it allows the community to identify low quality and remove it. For such a big Number of new Questions Crows Sourcing is sure the ideal solution. The Downside of this, a lot of Question got deleted before the new users could get the chance to learn, how to improve the quality of questions. And a lot of "higher members" inside the community are absolutely ok with it.
Some of the comments seemed very strong directed to have a high quality only area, excluding everyone who has not a certain amount of knowledge. I see this as a problem, as a Community should be inclusive, not exclusive. Especially for an Open Source project. Besides the always existing "hate" against non developers.

Then all the people who say, they would do so much better then the Company behind Magento does. People who dont even know half the stuff happening regarding Magento. Dont have a business plan, dont have solutions for QA, support, legal departments. And still they get such responses:

Thats just cracy. If people would so insist to invest money, making the platform, the whole ecosystem better, there would be so many possibilities already.

Starting by myself, here, give me money so I have time to fix this crap the current Magento Composer Installer is.