As iam very active in the English speaking part of the web i decided to make this site dual-lingual. So now I have an English and a German Blog. But i do only write things in both languages which were explicit requested for the other language. And don't be shy to message me, if you want to request something for your language.

Da ich im Englisch sprechenden Bereich des Internets recht aktiv bin, betreibe ich diese Seite nun zweisprachig. Daher habe ich nun einen englischen und einen deutschen Blog. Ich verfasse Artikel jedoch nur auf Nachfrage hin in der jeweils anderen Sprache.

Magento open project, an experiment

Some of you may know the Blender Open Projects, or at least some of their results like Big Buck Bunney.
Goals of this projects were to create examples/demos of whats possible with Blender, and on the other side help to improve the working with Blender.

I want this for Magento, too.
I want build a demo Store which implements a real world scenario,.. completely as open source, so everyone can use it as example.

Magento still has a bad reputation if it comes to strong customizations, mostly because inexperienced developers fail to implement the requirements in a correct way.
This project will show, how to effectively and in the right way integrate special requirements into a magento store.


Magento - performance - an architecture howto

Performance. Everyone is interested in performance. And everyone knows there is a secret recipe which gives it to you without any costs or work, if it would get implemented in Magento.

Yeah right, you got me. To belive in such a solution is quite naive. If you got to a specific size, the only way to performance is a personalized solution which replaces parts of the existing architecture. I assume you already follow all recommendations related to environment configuration (server,database) and caching.


How 3D works - for beginners

I hang around in a lot of channels on irc and sometimes i have very interesting conversations there. This time it was on the channel for Three.js. A javascript library to create 3d graphics on html sites. It works even for browsers, which are not support webgl.

But some words now to the conversation i post here. Its not a description how 3d works in this library in special. I try to explain, how 3d works in general on computers.


Why Twitter implemented Hashtags and what we can learn from it for G+

Many people on G+ have the need for tagging and grouping their posts. If we want to get them added to G+ we should probably have a look why twitter added them. Why Twitter? Because they did not add them intentionally, they kind of resulted out of the possibility to search twitter and the need for grouping tweets. The source of the Twitter Hashtag seems to lie in this blog post.

Now we have one big difference. G+ does not have a search for Posts till now. But it would not be Google, if they don't provide one. So we should not care about this now.


mobile is killing web experience of the normal web

Did you notice, that more and more websites don't use the full screen width anymore? Its so annoying, i have a big wide-screen monitor, but more and more websites have more empty space on the sides than actual content. Blogs are one kind of sites, but they are the only site type where i accept this, because it is increasing the reading experience.